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Don’t Let Insufficient Ventilation Damages Your Most Important Investment


A good ventilation system prevents a roof from rotting. Instead of rotting, proper ventilation extends the life of your roof. For this reason, the best plan is to have periodic inspections so that you can be aware of any issues that may pop up over time. Let’s explore how insufficient ventilation causes your roof to rot.

The Production of Mold

When the ventilation is poor, your attic becomes warm and humid. Without proper ventilation, water condensation develops because of the difference between the temperature on the outside of the house and the inside. After a while, this condensation causes mold and the accumulation of pests to appear on the roof’s shingles. The roof’s parts also become weak, and they may begin to warp. This is what causes the roof’s shingles and underlayment to rot. If you don’t fix this issue promptly, it will destroy the entire roof.

Increased Humidity

When the temperature in your attic remains consistent with the warm temperatures outside, evaporation won’t take place. Without sufficient evaporation, the roof’s materials absorb the excess moisture. This causes the ceiling to swell and leads to more dampness. After that, the setting is just right for the roof to begin rotting.

Extreme Temperatures

Insufficient ventilation causes your attic to become too warm. Depending on where you live, the temperature could reach as high as 150 degrees. Extremely high temperatures have the potential to dry out your roof, weaken the roof and ultimately damage completely.

Heat is not the only issue. Sometimes, snow remains on your roof for long periods. A house that does not have proper ventilation can cause warm air from the inside to melt the ice on the outside. As this ice melts, it gets stuck between the shingles and causes ice dams to form. Ice dams are dangerous to your roof, so you must remove them as quickly as possible. Otherwise, they have time to cause your walls to spring leaks. This results in damage to the paint on your walls and causes damage to the wood within your walls.

Rust on the Roof

When your house has inadequate ventilation, rust will begin to form. The metal parts that comprise the roof are responsible for keeping the roof together. For example, metal parts such as nails connect the shingles to the roof decking. These metal parts also keep the underlayment in its place. With insufficient ventilation, however, these metal parts begin to rust. It is essentially corrosion, and it causes your foundation to weaken. If you do not correct this problem, rust will cause your roof to fail. After this occurs, the only remedy is to have a roof replacement.

Weakening Shingles

The sturdy materials that form the shingles include asphalt, clay, steel, and slate. Even so, even shingles can break down when there is insufficient ventilation. As the heat increases, the shingles absorb moisture and expand as a result. This decreases the gaps that exist between shingles. The shingles will eventually begin to crack and become chipped over time.

Damage to the Roof’s Structure

When mold begins to develop and spread, heat increases due to insufficient ventilation. Then, condensation appears. This leads to damage to the roof’s materials. Next, the wood may begin to warp. Warped wood means that your roof’s structural integrity has been compromised. You can witness this by examining the roofing beams. At this point, you will see that they sag and bow out. This changes the roof’s shape and prevents rain and snow from falling off your roof as it ordinarily would. Instead, rain and snow will remain stuck on portions of the roof. This causes more sagging and may cause the roof to leak or come apart. The sagging will eventually cause the wood to crack, which leads to further weakening of the roof.

Roof Inspection

If you are unsure of whether there is an issue with your roof, the best thing to do is contact a professional. Expert roofers perform roof inspections that concentrate on the issues described above. For example, sagging is obviously very dangerous for a roof, but our roofers inspect every roof for signs of compromised structural integrity. They will also inspect your chimney and make sure that the ventilation is adequate. Our goal is to inspect for every type of damage, such as cracks and sagging, that may lead to extensive repairs in the future.

After the inspection, our team will inform you of the best actions you need to take to improve those issues.

Roof Repair

You may be aware that your roof requires repairs, but at Quality Roofing, we do not recommend that you perform this job yourself. When you seek our help, our team will reinforce the structure of your home. We can repair your residential roof or commercial structures. We make sure that your family is safe and secure in your home and that your customers are safe and secure in your business.

In addition to single-family homes and commercial properties, we also service apartment buildings. As a responsible business owner, you want to ensure the safety of the tenants in your buildings. We take care of that for you, but we also improve the looks of your property. Both these issues are highly advantageous to you as a business owner.

Roof Replacement

If you need to replace your roof, our roofers can do this for you. It does not matter what type of roof you have, and it does not matter if your roof has a complicated design. Our technicians have the experience and the knowledge to take on any job regardless of its complexity. Our roofers are fully certified and ready to begin your project right from the start. They can replace your roof whether it is a single-family home, your place of business, an apartment building, a condominium, or a duplex. Our team will work with you to ensure that we complete your project within your budget.

Roof Maintenance

A roof needs regular maintenance to be able to continue to perform its duties throughout its lifespan. Therefore, the most important thing you can do is schedule regular maintenance appointments. With regular maintenance, you do not have to wait for issues to present themselves and become obvious. Instead, our roofers can catch these issues early and rectify them before they become expensive problems. Maintenance is much more affordable than replacing the roof, and it is much easier to do.

Whether you need roof inspections, repair, maintenance, or a replacement, our professional roofers provide premier roofing services for homeowners in Florida and Alabama. If you require a shingle or metal roof, we will use the best materials available and will obtain any necessary permits before we start work. We also have general liability insurance to give you peace of mind. Furthermore, we know how costly a roof replacement can be, so we offer flexible financing options.

Contact us at Quality Roofing for more information about our services today!

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