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When to Replace Gutters in Your Home


If you are considering a roof replacement, you may want to replace the gutters alongside the roof. If the gutters are worn or damaged, a fresh gutter system can protect your new roof and your home foundation at the same time. A new gutter can also give your roof a modern finished look once the project is complete.

There are several benefits to replacing your gutters with a new roof. You can save money on labor and supplies by bundling your purchases. Replacing both also allows you to create a holistic design instead of retrofitting your gutters after the roof replacement. You can also work with a single roofing contractor in Florida instead of dealing with multiple companies on your home improvement project. Let’s take a closer look at when to replace gutters in your home.

What to Consider When Replacing Your Gutters

Age and Condition of the Gutters

While replacing your gutters when replacing your roof is ideal, it may not always be necessary. If your gutter system is relatively new (installed within the last ten years) or there is no damage to the system, you may want to hold on to your gutters a little longer after the roof replacement. Doing so can keep you from replacing the gutters prematurely.

However, if your gutters are between ten and 20 years old, it may be time for a complete replacement. There is no better time for a replacement than when you replace the roof. You may also want to check for any areas of your gutters system that are worn or damaged. A professional gutter inspection may reveal the following problems:

  • Dips or valleys that allow water to pool
  • Downspouts that are chronically clogged
  • Constant overflow along the gutter channels
  • Chipped, cracked, or discolored pain
  • Signs of rust or corrosion
  • Mold or algae along the roof fascia
  • Disconnected sections along the sides or corners

If you notice any of these issues with your gutters, you may want to replace them during your roof replacement project.

Gutter Replacement Costs

When it comes to home improvement, bundling your projects and costs is always smarter than taking on each project one at a time. Combining your roof and gutter replacement can save you hundreds of dollars in materials and labor costs. When preparing an estimate for the job, your roofing contractor will often include the gutter replacement into the overall cost. They can show you exactly where you are saving your dollars and how you benefit from combining your projects.

For instance, you may need to customize your gutter to fit your roof layout. The contractor can easily implement the gutter into the roof while configuring the roof design. Both the roof and the gutter fit perfectly into a streamlined layout. It may not be as easy with a retrofit five years down. It may take more work and some adjustments to install a gutter later, which can cost more in the end.

Design & Layout

Many homeowners view the gutter system as separate from the roof. Consequently, they often install gutters that do not complement the roof layout. As a result, there is no cohesion between the roof, the gutters, and the rest of the house. The gutters may stick out as a weak point in the roof design. You can avoid this problem by knowing when to replace your gutters.

When you install the gutters with the roof, you have an opportunity to collaborate with the roofing contractor to create a cohesive design between the gutters and the roof. You can explore options such as

  • Textures
  • Colors
  • Gutter materials (steel, aluminum, copper, etc.)
  • Seamed vs. seamless gutters
  • Gutter cover

With all the gutter products available today, your options are virtually limitless. You can customize your gutters to suit your style and preferences.

Protecting Your New Roof

Old gutters that do not drain well can cause damage to your roof. When water backs up, it can lead to mold and deterioration in the roof materials and supporting structure. Bad gutters may have contributed to the damage to your old roof, which is why you are getting your roof replaced. If you replace the old roof but keep the gutters, your new roof may suffer from premature damage.

It can be counterproductive and costly to replace a new roof while retaining the old gutters. So, if you are scheduling a roof replacement, you’ll need a new gutter system that will protect the roof instead of causing damage.

Professional Gutter Replacement in Florida

Whether you have old gutters, or your gutters were damaged in a storm, contact Quality Roofing for a professional gutter replacement. We offer a range of roofing services, including gutter repair, replacement, and maintenance. Call us today at (850) 753-0041 or fill out the contact form to request a free estimate. We are your premier roofing company in Florida.

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