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Popular Roof Upgrades


If your roof is getting old or needs repairs, you may think it’s time to start looking into having a new one installed. However, not all roofs in poor condition need to be fully replaced. Instead of pulling up the roof and starting over again, your current roofing system may just need a few upgrades.

A roofing contractor in Florida can help you decide what upgrades you need and how to move forward with your new project. A professional roofing inspection can reveal issues that you need to address to extend the life and improve the performance of your current roof.

Energy Efficient Shingles

Your roof can potentially deliver higher savings when you install energy-efficient reflective shingles. Also known as cool shingles, reflective shingles are engineered to have higher solar reflectance and thermal emittance properties that reduce your home’s cooling load by up to 15% in hot, sunny Florida weather.

As the sun shines on your roof, it delivers visible and invisible (infrared and ultraviolet) light waves. The more the waves bounce back into the atmosphere, the higher the asphalt roofing shingle’s solar reflectance. Cool roofing shingles use solar-reflecting granules to decrease the amount of heat transferred into your home. This helps keep interior areas cooler and reduces the strain on any home cooling devices.

Ridge Vents

Installed at the peak and running the length of your roof, the ridge vent is designed to circulate air underneath the structure to prevent any buildup of moisture. It has a low-profile design that helps it blend well with the roof covering so that it won’t be noticeable when seen from the ground. There are several advantages to roof vents.

  • Mold and mildew buildup prevention
  • Moisture reduction
  • More airflow throughout the attic and underneath the roof
  • Reduces debris and insect invasion
  • Greater roof longevity and improved performance

Low Maintenance Gutters

Cleaning your home’s gutters is a vital step in preventing your gutters from gathering debris that clogs the drains. Leaves, twigs, and other debris can force water to flow over the side of the gutter, compromising the stability of the foundation. Fortunately, you don’t need to climb the ladder twice a year to keep your gutters clear.

Installing gutter guards prevents debris from ever entering your gutters, reducing or eliminating clogs in the drains. There are three main types of low-maintenance gutter guards.

  1. Screen Gutter Guards
    These gutter guards feature a wire or plastic grid that installs by lifting the bottom row of roof shingles and then sliding the edge of the screen beneath so that the weight of the shingles holds it in place. These are the easiest type of gutter guards to install—no tools are needed.
  2. Mesh Gutter Guards
    Mesh gutter guards are like screen guards, allowing water to run through small holes while blocking twigs and debris. The guards are available in either plastic or metal mesh. They install in three main ways: slipping the edge under the first row of shingles, snapping the guard directly onto the top of the gutter, or attaching a flange to the fascia.
  3. Reverse Curve Gutter Guards
    Reverse curve gutter guards consist of lightweight metal or molded plastic. Water does not flow through them. Instead, it flows over the top and around a downward curve before draining into the gutter. Leaves and debris slide right off the edge and fall to the ground below.

    In addition to gutter guards, you may also want to consider installing seamless gutters, which cost less to install and require less maintenance than standard gutters.

    Addressing Current Roofing Problems

    Sometimes upgrades come in the form of simple repairs or required maintenance. If it has been over two years since you’ve contacted a roofing contractor in Florida, you may want to schedule a professional roofing inspection. There are numerous roofing issues that a professional can identify and address, including:

    • Poor roof design
    • Errors in the original roof installation
    • Damaged flashing
    • Damaged roofing material (shingles, metal roofing, etc.)
    • Slope improvements
    • Low energy efficiency
    • Hurricane readiness

    Many of these issues must be addressed in tricky roof areas that are hard to repair or maintain. A professional roofing contractor has the experience, tools, and team necessary to perform complicated jobs or address challenging repairs.


    Rooftop windows and skylights offer distinct advantages to homeowners.

    Natural Light

    The greatest benefit of skylights is how they let natural light into your space, and with that light comes solar heat. Why does that matter to you? Natural light is known to improve mood and even help with workplace performance. In addition, heating your home with sunlight can save on heating costs during the chilly seasons.

    Added Ventilation

    Skylight windows can open to let in the fresh air. This helps with cross ventilation in stuffy rooms, freshens up the air, and cools down your living spaces without turning on the air conditioner.

    Energy Savings

    Sunlight can heat your spaces. Cross ventilation can cool those spaces down. Each can cut down on your energy costs (just make sure to install a skylight that’s leak-proof and has laminated glass!)


    Cosmetic changes like skylights can add equity to your home, upping the resale value and giving certain rooms an attractive, naturally lit atmosphere.

    Natural View

    Skylights can make a room feel bigger and more spacious. Plus, you can get a view of the night sky or nature during the day.

    Schedule a Free Roof Inspection

    Quality Roofing offers premier roofing services for homeowners in Florida. Call (850) 753-0041 or fill out the quick form on our contact page to schedule a free roof inspection.

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