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How Long Do Roof Shingles Last?


While several factors (which we explain below) determine how long your asphalt roof shingles will last, the average lifespan is between 20 to 22 years for 3-tab shingles and 25 to 28 years for dimensional shingles. Realistically, you can expect to get around 80% to 85% of the expected lifespan of an asphalt roof.

For this reason, the average manufacturer warranty for roof shingles is 30 years. The warranty often outlasts the shingles. If you want to get the most mileage out of your roofing system, you need to schedule a professional roof inspection every one to two years. Roof maintenance in Florida is essential for keeping your asphalt shingles performing at their peak year after year.

3 Common Types of Shingles

One of the things that determine how long your shingles last is the type of shingle you buy. There are three main types of roofing shingles.

Strip Shingles

Also known as 3-tab shingles (due to the cut of the shingle) or simply strips, strip shingles are the original and most basic asphalt shingles. They are made from a single layer of asphalt and have a flat appearance that typically offers a slate look. The average lifespan of strip shingles is 10 to 25 years.

Dimensional Shingles

Dimensional shingles consist of fiberglass and other organic materials with asphalt added into the mix. Manufacturers may also add minerals to make them more durable. Roofers install dimensional shingles to add dimension or texture to the roof. As a result, these types of shingles have two or more layers. Dimensional shingles last an average of 30 to 50 years.

Premium Shingles

Premium Shingles are laminated shingles that have an appearance that is different from traditional, dimensional shingles. To provide an enhanced aesthetic appeal, these products may have designs that mimic “old-world” roofing shingles, like natural slate or natural shake shingles. Premium shingles are highly durable and have an average lifespan of up to 50 years.

6 Factors That Determine How Long Your Asphalt Roof Last

Several factors can contribute to the span of your shingled roof.

  1. Neglect
    Even the best roofing systems need consistent maintenance and care. However, many homeowners assume that their roof is in good condition and doesn’t need an inspection or maintenance. As a result, the roof wears out faster than expected, leading to a premature professional roof replacement. If you neglect your roof, you may have to replace it as early as ten to fifteen years after the initial installation.
  2. Florida Climate
    No matter where you live in Florida, the climate will wreak havoc on your roof shingles. Extreme temperatures, high humidity, sea spray, high winds, hurricanes, and UV rays constantly beat down your roof system, causing wear over time. Before you buy shingles, consult a roofing contractor in Florida to find out which shingles are best for the Florida climate.
  3. Hurricanes
    When it comes to the Florida climate, hurricanes are in a category all their own. Even the toughest roofing systems that can withstand Florida weather can sustain heavy damage after a hurricane. The best way to reinforce your roof in a hurricane region is to schedule a roof inspection just before hurricane season. An inspection may reveal any vulnerability that a hurricane can expose.
  4. Product Quality
    Your home is not just another purchase. Rather, it’s an investment—perhaps your most important investment. Therefore, you should approach every home project as a way to bring more value to your investment. Cheap roof shingles can only hurt your home’s value and cause you to waste hundreds of dollars. While saving money is important, it is never a good idea to cut corners and end up with a cheap product that costs you more in maintenance and repairs down the road.
  5. Bad Installation
    Cheap labor has the same consequences as cheap roofing shingles. You may find a roofing contractor in Florida who outbids everyone with a low estimate. However, you may regret going with the cheapest contractor if they are not licensed or experienced or are from out of town. A poor roof installation can cost you thousands of dollars down the road—especially if your home suffers from water damage as a result.
  6. Poor Ventilation
    Poorly ventilated attics do not provide an escape route for the hot air that accumulates from the summer heat or your home’s heating system during the winters. The heat buildup can damage your shingles from the inside out. An evenly vented roof will allow the hot air to escape, keeping your roof and attic cooler and reducing humidity levels.

Contact QRS for Quality, Professional Roof Installation

Regardless of what type of roof shingle you install, you need a roofing contractor in Florida that you can trust to install your shingles properly. Quality Roofing can beautify and reinforce your home with high-quality roof shingles. Call us today at (850) 753-0041 to get a free estimate.

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