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8 Common Roofing Services and What They Entail


Of all the elements that your Pensacola, Florida home includes, its roof is arguably the most important. This structure keeps your house and all that it contains shielded from the natural elements. It plays a hand in regulating indoor temperature and humidity, and it makes a significant contribution to curbside appeal. Thus, finding a roofer with an adequate range of services for protecting your roof is important. Following are eight common roofing services explained.

1. Roof Inspection Services

Whether purchasing a home, selling it, or reevaluating your current roof maintenance schedule, a roof inspection will give you a clear understanding of your roof’s structural integrity, performance, and remaining lifespan. We offer this service to both residential and commercial property owners to identify areas of damage and weakness, formulate solid plans for roof repairs, and make recommendations for roof replacement as needed.

During these visits, we assess:

  • Roof shingles or tiles
  • Roof valleys
  • Rooftop drainage systems
  • Roofing substrate
  • Siding, chimneys, and other features that might indicate developing roof leaks

We also perform roof inspections for property owners with recent installations who are seeking to verify workmanship problems or manufacturer defects. Following a roof inspection, we’ll provide you with a detailed report of our findings, along with recommendations for improving ventilation, leaks, structural and aesthetic damages, and other issues.

2. Roof Maintenance Services

Regular roof maintenance will extend the lifespan of your home’s roofing system, cut your energy costs, reduce your repair bills, and keep your home protected. These services can also be key for maintaining compliance with the terms of home insurance policies and home warranty agreements.

Our maintenance services start with a comprehensive roof inspection to identify problems and inform our work. During your roof maintenance appointment, we’ll:

  • Identify and fix small and developing leaks
  • Replace missing, loose, or damaged shingles
  • Repair damaged vents and flashing
  • Tighten or replace loose or missing fasteners
  • Assess and repair damages at the roof valleys

Residential roofing maintenance services should be scheduled annually. Not only can these visits limit or even reverse ongoing wear, but they also give us an opportunity to inform you of the need for roof replacement early-on. This way, you can start planning and budgeting for this major roofing project ahead of time.

3. Roof Replacement

Roof replacement is a multi-stage process that can involve the total tear-down and removal of your existing roof. How extensive this job proves to be is largely determined by factors like your budget, the amount of damage your current roof has sustained, and your choice in materials for your new roof. We offer end-to-end roof replacement services with a focus on noise control, dust control, and the post-construction removal of all debris. When we’re done with our work, both your property and your new roof will be pristine.

Roofs with multiple missing or damaged shingles, shingle granules in gutters or at the base of downspouts, and loose flashing and fasteners may simply need extensive repairs or partial replacement. Roofing systems with soft or bowed substrate materials, separation at the roof valleys, and water damage that affects multiple layers often need to be removed.

The cost of roof replacement projects are determined by factors such as:

  • Materials used
  • Size and orientation of the work area
  • The amount of labor required
  • Upgrades and secondary installations
  • The extent of required substrate repairs

With secondary installations, homeowners can have skylights put in, replace or reseal chimneys and pipes, and replace their gutters and downspouts.

4. Roof Repairs

Roof repair services are often cheapest when problems are caught and corrected early-on. Residential roofs are multi-layer systems. When one layer fails, water damage can progressively affect the materials that lie beneath it. Our roof inspection, maintenance, and repair services work seamlessly together to help our clients limit their spending. If you schedule annual maintenance and inspections services, we’ll have the opportunity to identify and resolve small problems before they’ve spiraled out of control. We can replace missing, bent, or broken shingles, reseal chimneys, pipes, and vents, and address small areas of damaged substrate among other things.

5. Emergency Roof Tarping Services

It isn’t always possible to perform major roof repairs right away. For example, if you have a roof leak that has permeated the interior of the building, we may not be able to resolve it during times of severely inclement weather. Emergency roof tarping services help limit damages at the building interior in these instances by preventing additional water from entering. The installation of tight, secure tarps will provide a temporary, impenetrable barrier against the outside elements until severe weather systems have passed, and lasting solutions can be employed.

6. Storm Damage Repairs

If you own a home in Pensacola, Florida, you may eventually need storm damage repairs. These are repair services that are performed in response to damages caused by severe weather systems. In many cases, they are limited to shingle replacement and the repair of torn or damaged flashing. However, in other instances, we’re called upon to address impact damage from trees and other blown items, missing or badly damaged gutters and downspouts, and major roof leaks. No matter how extensive their issues may be, our clients can count on us for timely responses, superior workmanship, and competitive pricing.

7. Architectural Shingles

In addition to offering a broad range of popular roofing materials that are often valued for their economy and ease of installation, we also provide architectural shingles. Architectural shingle installation beautifies homes and adds to their value. Available in a broad range of sizes, textures, and hues, these shingles are thicker than traditional options but lighter in weight. This makes them well-suited to roofs with steep slopes, ideal as barriers against the natural elements within the region, and longer-lasting overall. They have a distinctive, three-tab design, a weatherproof coating for reinforcement, and lamination or dimensional designs for added moisture protection. They’re a top choice among homeowners who value function and aesthetics equally.

8. Metal Roofing

Standing seam metal roofs can last up to 50 years. In fact, modern metal roofing expertly fuses form and function to create stylish, enduring roofs that hold up well in Pensacola weather. Corrugated metal roofs are an excellent choice for homeowners in search of economy and durability. We offer a diverse range of metal roofing styles. Whether performing an initial install or a roof replacement, we can help you find the right material and style for enhancing your home’s curbside appeal, protecting its value, and limiting your ongoing maintenance and repair costs. We offer aluminum and steel roofs, but we can also install all-copper roofs and many other roofing materials.

We provide roof installation, maintenance, and repair services to residents of Pensacola, Florida and the surrounding areas. We also provide storm damage repairs, metal roof installation, and architectural shingles. If you need a new roof, or if you need help caring for your current roof, we’ve got you covered. Call Quality Roofing today to schedule an appointment!

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