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Preventative Roof Maintenance: The Value of Professional Care for Your Roof


One of the most destructive forces that can compromise the integrity of your roof is negligence. If you allow your roof to go without proper care and maintenance over the years, you cannot depend on it to protect your family when you need it most. You will also spend more on repairs and possibly need to replace your roof prematurely.

Whether you own a home or a business, roof maintenance only costs a few hundred dollars each year. While a $200 maintenance job may seem like a lot, it pales in comparison to a major repair, which can end up costing you thousands of dollars. If you haven’t scheduled professional roof maintenance in the last few years, it may be time to contact a local roof contractor in Florida.

What is the Difference Between Proactive and Reactive Roof Maintenance?

Several things differentiate proactive roof maintenance from reactive roof maintenance: repair costs, damage extent, and, of course, what initiated the maintenance.

Proactive Roof Maintenance

Proactive roof maintenance allows you to control or minimize damage to your roof by taking care of small issues before they turn into big problems. You can’t prevent wear and tear on the roof or damage from a natural disaster. However, you can control the extent of the damage by maintaining the roof before a storm or addressing any issues immediately after the storm.

Reactive Roof Maintenance

To be reactive means to handle roof problems after they have already occurred regardless of how many chances you had to prevent the problems. In other words, reactive maintenance happens after your roof has sustained considerable damage. You may have to deal with a problem that you have been ignoring for several months. Only now, the problem is more costly and may even warrant a professional roof replacement instead of minor maintenance.

What Does Roof Maintenance Involve?

Although each roofing contractor in Florida has a unique maintenance list and method for caring for your roof, many companies perform the same jobs. An average professional roof maintenance list may include

Roof Inspection

Roofing contractors recommend that you schedule a professional roof inspection at least twice a year. A roof inspector may check the following:

  • Drains and downspouts to make sure they are clear of blockage that will inhibit proper drainage
  • Roof penetrations
  • Gaps or tears in flashing
  • Rooftop vents and equipment to make sure they are well sealed
  • Signs of damage to the roof

Routine Maintenance

  • Removing debris such as leaves, sticks, and garbage, so they don’t cause a back-up in the drains and result in ponding water
  • Ensuring that contractors who have cause to be on the roof – window washers, HVAC, plumbers, and electricians – are directed to proper areas and are utilizing walkways as opposed to dragging equipment and potentially damaging the roof
  • Verifying that mechanical equipment and doors are shut tight
  • Checking condensation lines to ensure they are flowing and firmly connected
  • Inspecting portable hangers (where conduit and pipes are connected on the roof) and making sure they are in place
  • Checking for coping (metal flashing) that’s missing
  • Looking for holes in the roof or vegetation (mold or algae) growing in the dark corner of the building

Why Preventative Maintenance is Essential to Your Roof

If you live near the coast in Florida, you should view roof maintenance as essential to your roof’s health and your family’s safety. There are several reasons why preventative maintenance is important.

Provides Weather Protection

We have seen a steady increase in the number of hurricanes per season over the last few years. If the trend continues, you will have to be on guard to fortify your roof. Doing so will protect your belongings and, more importantly, your family. Preventative maintenance may keep a hurricane from exploiting a loose or damaged area of the roofing system.

Prevents Insurance Rate Increase

Whether you are buying or selling a home or have lived in your home for several years, a home insurance inspection will occur eventually. One of the primary areas that an adjuster inspects is the roof. If your roof is in excellent condition, you may avoid a significant increase in your insurance premiums. You may also have more leverage if you file a roof damage claim for any reason.

Keeps You from Nullifying Your Roof Warranty

If you want to keep from voiding your roof warranty, you need to hire a professional roofing contractor in Florida, who can perform maintenance according to manufacturer warranty specifications. Even if you are an expert in DIY roof maintenance, you may still void the warranty on your roof simply because you are not certified. Make sure you understand the roof warranty and what type of preventative maintenance is expected.

Reduces Roof Repair Costs

According to Home Advisor, the national average repair cost is about $900, with most homeowners spending between $350 and $1500. This assumes that most homeowners do a fair job of hiring a roofing company to maintain their roof on schedule. Also, keep in mind that this accounts for all climates across the U.S. Coastal climates can damage homes more quickly than inland climates. Preventative maintenance can reduce your residential roof repair costs while keeping your roofing system in excellent condition.

Schedule a Free Roof Inspection

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